About Us

Headquartered in Istanbul, Türkiye, PAVO GROUP is a state-of-the-art technology company that combines eight subsidiaries into three core clusters: Law Enforcement & Intelligence, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), and Defence & Avionics.



Transforming the future, guiding progress, bridging scientific and technological gaps, and monitoring global shifts.



Pavotek, Istanbul Defence Systems, Interdata, Andasis, Pnetworks, Panod, PavoCyber, PavoCrypt


Law Enforcement & Intelligence

Custom solutions to meet the specific needs of law enforcement agencies by providing a variety of capabilities such as law enforcement and intelligence subsystems, tactical communications, surveillance and data analysis.

Information & Communications Techology

Leading company providing data security, encryption, and IT solutions. We specialize in cybersecurity, cryptography, and data center expertise. Tailored solutions for secure digital environments.

Defence & Avionics

Expertise in network elements, autonomous systems, COMINT and surveillance drones, avionics, UAV peripherals, electro-optics, flight control, power, gimbal, and electronic warfare to support mission critic solutions.

As Türkiye exceeds the confines of five, it surpasses the cartelization tendencies observed in the five companies providing telecommunication infrastructure in five nations. Embracing healthy competition is crucial, while resisting monopolization is imperative. Advocating commitment built on mutual interests and respect is welcomed, while unequivocally rejecting dependence is paramount.