Pavo Group extends a warm invitation to visionary technology suppliers ready to embark on a groundbreaking journey with Pavo Alliance, starting with Integrated Security System.

Pavo Alliance provides partners with opportunities to enhance their income, distinguish their enterprises, and deliver increased value to their clients through collaboration with the Pavo Group. Pavo Alliance offers its partners three key benefits that indicate the transformative advantages of innovation, global impact, and collaborative synergy, empowering them to stay at the forefront of the evolution of the defence industry and make a positive mark on a global scale


Pavo Alliance, the forward-thinking partnership initiative spearheaded by Pavo Group, is a beacon of innovation in the realm of Integrated Security Systems. This program beckons visionary technology suppliers to join forces in a revolutionary collaboration that transcends traditional boundaries. Pavo Alliance stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation, emphasizing global impact and collaborative synergy as its core tenets. The Integrated Security System, at the heart of this initiative, is characterized by its adaptive and scalable nature, ensuring it stays at the forefront of the ever-evolving security requirements. Pavo Alliance, thus, emerges as a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines processes but also empowers organizations to achieve their security objectives through cutting-edge innovation and collaborative prowess.

Collaborative Synergy

We believe in the power of partnerships. Your technological prowess can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of security solutions.We are actively seeking collaborations with technology suppliers poised to contribute to the evolution of our Integrated Security System. Whether your expertise lies in radar technology, sensor systems, communication technologies, or related fields, we invite you to explore how your products and services seamlessly integrate with our Integrated Security System ecosystem.

Integrated Security Systems Overview

As a trailblazer in the field, Pavo Group is committed to enhancing the security landscape for critical facilities, national borders, border gates, highways, and beyond.

Integrated Security System distinguishes itself through smooth cross-platform integration, immediate data analytics, and a user-friendly interface. Its state-of-the-art security measures guarantee data integrity, while automation features minimize manual tasks. Integrated Security Systems are crafted for scalability, adjusting to changing Integrated Security Systems are crafted for scalability, adjusting to changing security requirements. Encounter a comprehensive solution that streamlines processes and empowers organizations to reach their objectives.

Integrated Security System is a sophisticated network designed to fortify critical infrastructure.

Acoustic Radar

Land Radar

Naval Radar

Anti-Drone Radar

Electro Optic Radar



SATCOM-Satellite Technology




2G/3G/4G/5G Private Communication

Solar Power System

Power Generation System

Battery System

GNSS Spoofing


Microwave Sensors

Seismic Sensors

PIR Sensors

CBRN-e Sensors

Security Sensors

Meteorology Sensor



UAV & UGV Control Service

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

  • Pocket Drone
  • VTOL
  • Helicopter
  • Copter

UAV Payload

  • Electro Optic

UAV & UGV Control Hand Terminal



Unmanned / Manned Towers

C2 Vehicles

Operation Center

On-Vehicle Technologies



Unmanned / Manned Towers


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How To Engage

If you are ready to join forces with Pavo Group, please contact us by filling out the form. Our team is going to schedule a meeting to delve into potential collaboration avenues and synergies.

We look forward to the prospect of coalescing our strengths to redefine the standards of safety and security through groundbreaking Integrated Security Systems.