Penitentiary SIGINT Security

PAVO Group’s PSHIELD PSS is your superior Penitentiary SIGINT Security solution, offering unrivaled control over inmate communication in correctional environments by intercepting and retrieving content. The system integrates visitor data with mobile signal identification, creating a comprehensive signal owner database. PSHIELD PSS streams data from IMSI Catchers to your OCC for secure, real-time analysis. It offers robust reporting and the flexibility to remotely configure Signal Intelligence nodes. Operators can manage communication permissions and subscriber lists with ease. Access historic communication data, including transcribed conversations, with our Interception Center Software. PSHIELD PSS: your comprehensive, secure penitentiary communication control solution.

Key Features

  • Unregistered phone prevention
  • IMSI/IMEI identification
  • GSM signal location
  • Communication blocking
  • MAC address collection
  • Fake messages and calls
  • Active GSM interception
  • IMSI/IMEI replication
  • Call and text interception
  • Call and text manipulation
  • Target impersonation
  • Anomaly detection
  • White/Gray/Black List logic
  • 24/7 GSM signal monitoring