• 6 Jul 2023

As the Pavo Group family, we were at IDEX 2023 with our many unique solutions and UAV family in the fields of border security solutions, avionics, end-to-end data center solutions, cryptography, communication technologies, and energy systems.
Organized every two years under the auspices of the President of the United Arab Emirates, the organization draws attention as the only international defense fair and conference held in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The latest technologies in the land, sea and air defense sectors were introduced at the fair. IDEX is held concurrently with the NAVDEX Maritime Defense and Maritime Security Event, which covers maritime issues.
Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the launch of IDEX, this year’s event was the largest in their history and attracted attendees from all over the world to showcase the latest developments in the international defense industry. 
Türkiye is participating in IDEX 2023 and NAVDEX 2023 with more than 50 defense industry companies together with the Presidency of Defense Industries and the Turkish Defense and Aviation Industry Exporters’ Association. During the fair, various unmanned land and air vehicles, armored vehicle platforms, weapon systems, electronic systems, ammunition, simulators and logistics support products produced by Turkish defense industry companies were presented to the taste of all participants, especially in the MENA region.
PAVO Group Chairman of the Board Dr. Alper Özbilen made special statements about the fair:
“There were very important participants. From Emiratis, Air Force Commander to Chairman and CEO of Humility, there were participants. They expressed their wishes about making multi-faceted cooperation with us. We told them about our current capabilities, products and solutions. Thus, they have indicated to us their specific requests on several issues. We will start working on this”.
Dr.Özbilen,in his statements, talked about the benefits of Turkish identity in the sector as follows:
“In addition, there are serious participants from both regional countries as well as Asia and Europe. We also had different meetings with them. And I can say with great pleasure that being a Turkish company in the field of defense has turned into a brand in itself. When we state that we are a Turkish company, they come to us with a more positive perspective. Here, we have witnessed at first hand the contribution of being a company of Turkish origin as much as the name of the company. This fair was the event where we presented the widest range of solutions and products in our portfolio. We have seen a serious interest in every field we offer.”
We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and our international partners in this fair where we had a great yield.
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