Regulated Power Distribution Unit

RPDU is a regulated power distribution and management unit, especially suitable for UAVs. The device has a different regulated output for unmanned vehicle needs. All outputs are protected from short circuits. Power inputs will be paralleled with the O-Ring structure to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the circuit in case of power input failure. With the O-Ring structure, it provides system redundancy by connecting the power supplies in parallel. Also, equipment will provide system-level operational input alternatives.

Key Features

  • Electronic Circuit Breakers
  • Digitally controlled by the vehicle computer
  • BIT provides PDU status for mission assurance
  • UAV Power Management System
  • UAV Regulated Power Distribution System
  • Trip Function
  • Regulated Output
  • Unregulated Output
  • Uninterruptable power source coordination
  • Compact, Lightweight, Low-Cost and fit to your Unmanned Vehicle
  • FPGA, Artix7, 250-I/O, 2600-CLB, 33208-Cell, 484-FBGA