Network in COW

Introducing NICOW by PAVO Group: The ultimate compact mobile network solution. NICOW is a rapid deployable Cell-on-Wheel (COW) designed for alarm conditions, complementing service providers’ networks. Enjoy seamless communication with connected SIM cards, making calls, sending SMS, and accessing data. NICOW offers plug-and-play convenience, no additional systems required. Register your own phone, line, and number without extra SIM cards or terminals. With Wi-Fi support and reliable backhaul via satellite or fiber, NICOW ensures connectivity in any situation. Built tough for harsh environments, it’s portable, lightweight, low-energy, and operates for up to three days.

Key Features

  • Cell-On-Wheels (COW)
  • Rapid deployable
  • Network in the box
  • 2G/4G supported
  • Functionality even if no satellite connectivity.
  • Can provide service to all mobile users, service provider agnostic
  • Can broadcast, receive, answer SMS,
  • Make, answer calls
  • Designed for military and disaster scenarios