Network in Battle Field

Introducing TacMobile by PAVO Group - the ultimate solution for battlefield communication and situational awareness. This ruggedized mobile device, powered by an armor-plated Android OS, connects troops through a secure private network. With bespoke applications and services, TacMobile enables seamless communication, command reception, and situational awareness. It forms the backbone of a dynamic tactical cellular network, ensuring readiness and reactivity. TacMobile's central command and control system, equipped with intuitive situational awareness software, solidifies its role as the essential tool for any mission. Experience the future of battlefield connectivity with TacMobile.

Key Features

  • Smartphone apps and capabilities
  • Tactical 2G/3G/4G mobile broadband technology
  • Mobile terminal, smart tablet and tightened operating system
  • Defense applications market (DAM) and applications
  • Situational awareness and command & control