Military Switch

Military Manageable ETHERNET Switch - 8x1GE; Powered Device, Military Manageable ETHERNET Switch - 8x1GE + 2SFP; Powered Device, Military Manageable ETHERNET Switch - 8x1GE + 2SFP; PoE+, Tactical ethernet switch, Military Manageable ETHERNET Switch - 8x1GE + 2SFP

Key Features

  • Defense Systems Communication Networks
  • Railway Networks
  • Power Distribution Networks
  • Industry 4.0 Networks
  • 5G Networks
  • Mobile Backhaul Networks
  • alongside with CCTV
  • Enterprise networks as edge
  • connection entity
  • 8/12/24/48 port L2 Managed Ethernet Switching capabilities with versions
    supports Layer 3 features
  • PoE+ can be provided in all versions
  • Hardware, software and mechanical designs and developments are
    implemented in-house
  • IEEE1588v2 and Sync-e provide low latency and high time accuracy. This
    makes the product ideal for applications such as delay sensitive industrial,
    power, backbone and finance applications
  • Open Flow Support: The Open Flow 1.3 standard, which supports the
    integration of the device into the software defined network (SDN), can be
    optionally supported with a limited number of TCAM (256)
  • 802.3bt Ultra High Power PoE Support: Provides 60W power support from
    each port, reducing the number of ports required to integrate high power
    devices into the system
  • G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS): G.8032 provides
    sub-50ms recovery time for a maximum of 25 nodes, providing flexibility in
    security applications