Laser Range Finder Driver

The Laser Range Finder Driver is able to provide to drive the laser with high current and high voltage. When the laser is powered by LRFD, the laser continues emitting until the stored energy is exhausted. Only a fraction of the storage capacity is effectively used in the operating mode. With the Q-Switch Driver, the laser pulse is provided in a controlled manner when the laser reaches the desired energy level. The LRFD and Q-Switch Driver are capable of providing operating temperature ranges for laser at -40°C to + 70C°. The LRFD and Q-Switch Driver mill-spec aerospace electronic circuit unit have to remote control with digital communications and the use of solid-state technology to develop a highly configurable, rugged, flexible and laser driver for today's modern UAV vehicles.

Key Features

  • Laser Driver
  • TEC Driver
  • Pulsed High Current
  • Pulsed High Voltage
  • Output voltage can be adjusted with a digital potentiometer in the Q-Switch unit.