Kamikaze UAV

Kamikaze Drone is designed for the detection and destruction of terrorist elements, and is also suitable for use in areas such as tracking and area protection, carrying replaceable multi-headed explosives, tracking and destruction of moving targets. The familiar designation is loitering munition.

Key Features

  • Autonomous and Manual Operation Capability
  • Multiple Flight Modes
  • Auto Mode: It is the flight mode that follows the pre-programmed route.
  • Loiter Mode: It rotates around the marked point on the map, forming a circle.
  • Fly To Mode: During the flight, it instantly goes to the point marked on the map while maintaining its altitude.
  • Cruise Mode: It is a semi-manual mode powered by autopilot, performing a pilot-controlled flight.
  • Attack Mode: This mode starts the kamikaze dive. The automatic video tracker allows precise target hits without operator control, even after communication is lost.
  • Interchangeable Warhead Suitable for Duty
  • Tube Launch System
  • Quick Installation Capability
  • Electric Silent Propulsion System