IP Crypto Suite

Crypto Device (IP Encryptor) provides comprehensive cryptographic services for network security. It encrypts data traffic at high speeds, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and authentication. Our AES 256 GCM mode encryption offers top performance and minimal latency. Fillgun Device securely stores keys, generated by Key Generator Device, for enhanced security. Key Generator Device generates keys, uploads them to Fillgun Device, and performs encryption, decryption, and integrity checks for maximum security.

Key Features

  • Customizable S-Box and/or MDS parameters support
  • Strong authentication via asymmetric Crypto algorithms
  • Automatic and manual emergency erase and zeroize functions
  • Tamper resistance for enhanced security
  • User access control and limitation via crypto ignition key
  • Manual key loading and algorithm configuration with Fillgun Device
  • Battery support for key storage, emergency erase, and uninterrupted operation
  • Local and remote management capabilities for convenient control
  • Network layer security (L3) to safeguard communications