Highway SIGINT Security

PAVO Group presents PSHIELD HSS, a pioneering Highway SIGINT Security solution integrating cutting-edge IMSI catcher technology at highways, bridges, tunnels, and toll points, harmoniously merging with existing license plate/RFID systems. Our solution transcends vehicle recognition, registering every mobile-equipped passenger via strategically placed IMSI catchers, thus ensuring full signalization identification without facial recognition. We enhance precision with a direction-finding module, allowing clear signal tracking regardless of traffic. License plates or RFIDs are matched with signal IDs and channeled to our central system for monitoring, analysis, and visualization of nationwide highway data.

Key Features

  • IMSI/IMEI matching with Camera, Antenna, IMSI Catcher
  • Mitigating threats
  • Person identification in tunnels and roads
  • Target detection through individuals
  • Convergence analysis for suspects
  • Person-vehicle matching