Electro Optic Radar & RF System

EOSTRIX - 200 Electro-optical Radar and RF Detection System provides continuous 360° detection of airborne and land threats without any obstruction. The system is suitable for Anti-Drone, Border Security and Facility Security solutions whenever passive detection is required. The system can track multiple targets. The Artificial intelligence system performs detailed analyzes and checks the tasks performed. Systems are autonomously guided against threats by artificial intelligence. The system is coupled with RF detection system, command and control container and KARTE Command and Control System which is composed of 3 consoles capable of controlling EOSTRIX EO Radar, RF Detection System, establishing Tactical Picture.

Key Features

  • Versatile optical surveillance and location system
  • Number of Cameras - 48 pcs
  • Receiver Type - CMOS
  • Spectral sensitivity - 0.4 – 1.0 μm
  • Receiver resolution - 12 Mpix (4056х3040)
  • Lens narrow field - F0.9/45 mm
  • Field of Views:
  • Horizontal - 360°
  • Vertical -10°...+70°
  • Instant field of view - 360°х6°
  • Lifting height of radar telescopic mast 6m
  • Possibility of obtaining external target designation