Dronebox 500

The cover mechanism of Dronebox 500 opens to the right and left sides. Dronebox is a secure box for charging and storing the Observation Drone. Dronebox is designed to protect drone from damage by shielding them from dust, moisture, sunlight, or other environmental factors. Dronebox 500’s axing unit is smaller and lighter than Dronebox 1000. Also Dronebox system has weather station which is measuring ambiance datas like rain rate, noisture, temperature, wind speed and wind direction etc.

Key Features

  • Full Automated Operation Mode
  • Drone Recognition and Pairing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • High Level Of Drone Protection
  • High Sealing Level
  • High Dust and Sand Protection Level
  • Cooling System
  • Axin Unit
  • Suitable for IR Lock System
  • Weather Station