Cryptography Platform

GF2L revolutionizes the way cryptography-focused labs work by providing a multi-product platform that streamlines the entire workflow. With over 400 algorithms at their fingertips, users access everything they need for key recovery, cryptanalysis, forensics, secure design, testing and verification in one place. The cutting-edge platform, GF2L is designed with four powerful product types: Attack Engines, Test Suites, Generators, Identifiers; and powerful auxiliary packages. Whether it's to verify design security or launch a targeted attack, the GF2L can handle it. Users create their own profiles, save workspaces for frequently encountered and share them with their colleagues or report them to their managers via GF2L.

Key Features

  • Cryptographic function, primitive, misuse, hash identifier
  • Encrypted file, high-entropy data identifier
  • Encoding, obfuscation, steganography identifier
  • Rainbow table, dictionary, use case, test vector package random number generator
  • Password, cryptocurrency wallet, cryptovirology attack engine
  • GSM, side channel attack engine
  • Statistical randomness, entropy test suite
  • Cryptographic algorithm validation, protocol test suite
  • Cryptographic function, primality test suite