Introducing the groundbreaking PSHIELD COMINT Device by PAVO Group! Our state-of-the-art product offers an array of formats including Tower, Vehicle, Backpack, UAV, and Marine, catering to a wide range of industries. Safeguarding borders, gates, penitentiaries, highways, or pipelines, this versatile device ensures utmost efficiency. With the fixed-point tower antenna, enjoy extensive coverage, while the mobile car and UAV versions excel in targeted intelligence operations. Seamlessly maneuver through urban areas with discreet mobility, providing advanced signal intelligence even in marine settings. Enriched with cutting-edge man-in-the-middle and decryption capabilities, it flawlessly intercepts and manipulates up to 12 simultaneous duplex calls, supporting various network encryption algorithms including A5/3. Experience unparalleled security and intelligence with our exceptional COMINT Device!

Key Features

  • Mocking cell station
  • Collecting and identifying IMEI/IMSI
  • Identifying and locating targets
  • Jamming and controlling communication
  • Sending fake messages
  • Making fake calls
  • Sending broadcast SMS
  • Active GSM Interception
  • IMSI replication
  • IMEI replication
  • Interception of calls and SMS
  • Manipulation of calls and SMS
  • Target impersonation