Cockpit Dimmer Unit

Cockpit Dimmer Unit provides control of the integral lighting of the Instrument and Pedestal Panels located in the cockpit. The Cockpit Dimmer Unit has analog outputs, PWM outputs and discrete outputs. The Cockpit Dimmer Unit has discrete outputs corresponding to DIM and NVG switches. Each PWM and analog outputs have an exponential-like dimming curve to provide exponential-like lighting. These curves can be configured independently via RS422 communication. Each of the analog and PWM outputs of the Cockpit Dimmer Unit can be programmed independently. The brightness level of connected units is controlled by DIM and NVG switches and two independent continuous knobs for adjusting the outputs independently. Also, these output channels can be controlled via RS-422 serial communication interface.

Key Features

  • The lighting curve of each channel can be configured on a channel-by-channel basis
  • Configurable Analog and Digital Control Interface to Control the Output Channels
  • CBIT Capabilities
  • LOG Capability
  • Single LRU Compact Design and Easy to Integrate
  • DO-254 DAL C Compliant