City Surveillance

PAVO Group's PSHIELD CITY is your comprehensive solution for urban safety. Our robust network of cameras, installed at all critical points, from city entrances to hospitals and military campuses, ensures every corner of your city is under surveillance. Our dedicated control centers meticulously process and evaluate the collected footage. Utilizing advanced big data analytics and AI software, PSHIELD CITY accurately detects potential threats, sending real-time alerts to operators at the command center. Secure your city from end-to-end with PSHIELD CITY - the epitome of safety in urban living.

Key Features

  • License Plate Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Social Disturbance Detection
  • Abnormal Traffic and Crowd Detection
  • Blacklist Implementations
  • Traffic Management
  • Automatic Emergency Dispatch
  • Suspicious Package Detection
  • High Resolution Imaging
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Thermal Detection