Border SIGINT Security

PAVO Group’s PSHIELD BSS redefines border safety with superior cellular interception, manipulation, and jamming capabilities. Harnessing robust GSM towers, data centers, and drones, it offers unrivaled GSM activity detection. It’s an essential tool for military, law enforcement, and security, enabling detailed signal intelligence for border defense. Detect anomalies, monitor gatherings, and interact with potential threats through fake calls or signal jamming. Data captured is analyzed by PSHIELD BSS’s software, providing a comprehensive view of border activities. Trust PSHIELD BSS for cutting-edge border protection.

Key Features

  • Borderline shaping on cellular communication
  • Target detection and marking
  • Target positioning with DF
  • Communication network restriction
  • IMSI and IMEI collection
  • Passive interception (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • High broadcast capacity
  • Advanced target positioning
  • Radar and E-O integration
  • Centralized management and analytics