AI-Based Video Analytics

Qorela AVA-AI Video Analytics is an advanced video analytics platform powered by AI. It analyzes and interprets video content using cutting-edge deep learning algorithms. With reliable search functionality, it enables real-time and recorded video searches based on face, ID, and other attributes. Qorela AVA offers advanced AI models for face recognition, person reidentification, object tracking, and more. It provides intelligent analytics capabilities, including live alerts for proactive security measures. Qorela AVA also offers insights such as person count, age and gender distribution, heat maps, and zone entry/exit, enabling data-driven decisions and operational optimization.

Key Features

  • Real-time video processing and analysis
  • Multi-target tracking on multi-camera
  • Simultaneous processing of recorded videos/live streams
  • Archive and live search based on ID, face, body, object, and attributes
  • Tracking of unknown objects and individuals across multiple cameras
  • Flexible and unlimited person bank creation
  • Customizable alerting and reporting features
  • Scalability for large systems with thousands of cameras
  • Integration with existing security systems and workflows
  • High accuracy (99% accuracy on 80px/face)
  • High speed (20 ms on a Billion-Scale DB)
  • Cost-effective with advanced GPU optimization techniques