Acoustic Direction Finder

Search and rescue (SAR) operations rely on significant manpower to find lost people in vast scanning areas. In an attempt to speed up these operations, SAR drones can perform pre-screening of the target area to limit the search space to the vicinity of the estimated target location. In the areas where image processing is not applicable due to environmental conditions like dense forests or insufficient light, UAVs that rely on cameras fail to provide support for search and rescue teams to find lost people in a short time. The unavailability of vision-based detection in some SAR environments, and the rapid decrease of survival rate after a few hours highlight the significance of providing alternative UAV-based solutions that are applicable in various environments. Our solution aims for autonomous target localization with an acoustic-based search UAV. The aim is to locate people from their voice in search and rescue (SAR) operations conducted by drones, which can be very critical in environments where camera vision is not available. Our technology can work under drone noise thanks to our noise reduction and human voice detection techniques and report information about the location of people in need of help.

Key Features

  • High-frequency range coverage
  • RSS measurement capability
  • Precise location detection
  • Efficient tracking and identification
  • Directional antenna system
  • Signal filtering and analysis
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Compact and portable design
  • Robust construction
  • Versatile deployment options