270VDC Power Distribution Unit

The power distribution unit has a critical task to ensure that the 270VDC power is in the aircraft. There are voltage and current measurement units in the 270VDC PDU device. It can also perform detailed tasks such as soft start, over-current protection, short circuit protection, sequential opening, and energizing the desired loads for power saving according to working scenarios. PLV270DC01A and PLV270DC02A models have different design approaches to reducing sizes with different specs.

Key Features

Configuration Abilities

  • Overcurrent configuration for output channel
  • Load shedding
  • Sequential Opening
  • I2T limits
  • Soft Start Time
  • Output Channel ON/OFF Control


  • Load Current
  • Input Voltage
  • Output Voltage
  • Each Channel Fault
  • Temperature


  • Short Circuit
  • Overcurrent
  • Overvoltage
  • Under voltage
  • I2T